Podcast Transcript Episode 0 – Introduction

Hello and welcome to Distant Echoes a History Podcast Episode 0: Introduction.

In this podcast I hope to cover various different history related topics. These could be on any topic. For instance the History of New Mexico will be our first topic. However, another topic could be the history of gunpowder.

I plan to do a narrative that is fairly linear for each topic like what you get with the History of Rome or History of China podcasts with a Q&A episode at the end of a period or at convenient breaks. Using the history of New Mexico as an example, the transition from Spanish control to Mexican control is kind of the end of an era. Whereas the Pueblo Revolt or Revolt of 1837 may stand as good breaks within eras.

I hope to upload episodes every two weeks. I plan for episodes that are about thirty minutes long each, as that’s the length I prefer when I listen to podcasts.

Episodes will be noted by the series they fall into, number within that series, and episode title. To use an example, the first episode of the series on New Mexico is NM 1: Paleo-Indian Period. Whereas, a series on the Snake War could be Snake War 5: episode title

As for my credentials as a historian. I have none. I’m a mechanical engineer by trade but I enjoy learning about history and reading history books. I also have no experience with audio editing or running a podcast, so I’m sure that will be rocky at the start.

The first episode for the history of New Mexico is to go up at the same time as this.

Insert closing information here:

If you enjoyed the show, please share it with your friends. Leave a review on your podcast app of choice, if it lets you. Since I’m a luddite and don’t use social media, word of mouth and reviews are the only ways the show spreads. We have a website located at engineeringfire.org where I have a link in the header for podcast resources, including: pictures, Companion Posts, my bibliography, and the transcripts of each show. We have an email you can submit comments and questions to at michael@engineeringfire.org The intro music is Desperados by Frank Schroeter and sourced from filmmusic.io. The outro music is NeoWestern from Kevin McLeod of Incompetech. Links to all the things mentioned are present in the show notes and at the website. And thank you all so much for listening and I will see you in the next episode.

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