November 2023 Article Roundup

All month I’m constantly reading. Be it various FIRE and personal finance blogs that I subscribe to, random things that pop into my feed, or suggestions from these aforementioned blogs. I keep a list of all of the stuff that I encounter throughout the month then filter those down to the best or most interesting which get included here.

The focus of these roundups is mostly on FIRE but other personal finance or other content I think could be interesting to the readers of this blog. If I got it from another blog’s roundup I try to give credit when I can.

With all those caveats out of the way, let’s get into it.

What were the flaws with SBF/FTX’s thoughts on risk? This The Best Interest Post takes a look. I thought it had some good lessons despite my lack of interest in crypto.

The Belle Curve takes a look at the US debt and some of the problems that may arise out if that in future years. As it’s something more mainstream for people to talk about, I found some of the conclusions in this lost interesting.

Frugality isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. This Humble Dollar post takes a look at the downsides of frugality, especially when it tips over into being outright cheap

Another few years, another few articles declaring the 60/40 dead. This A Wealth or Common sense post takes a look at why that’s not actually true.

While I don’t agree with all of these, I think it’s important to occasionally take a look at financial beliefs that disagree with conventional wisdom, you might find something useful for you there. A Wealth of Common Sense shares some of their own beliefs in this vein.

While I widley disagree with this The Walrus post about working longer did think there were some good moments in there. Stolen from Accidental Fire’s own roundup.

As always, there’s someone declaring that what worked in the past won’t work in the future. Be it FIRE or something else. This Can I Retire Yet post takes a look at if FIRE is still feasible for those starting today.

What more than anything can determine if you’ll be successful in retirement? This Can I Retire Yet post takes a look for just that item.

Apparently Dave Ramsey recently claimed with his method you could support an 8% withdrawal rate. Early Retirement Now takes a look at that claim.

Of Dollars and Data takes a slightly different approach to that very same claim by Dave Ramsey. I’d give it a look as well if you’re looking for more reasons why the 8% withdrawal rate is a bad idea.

While I’m a fan of renting until you have sufficient assets to buy a house outright, this A Wealthy Accountant post takes a good look at why owning might be better and when renting truly is the better choice.

Soft living is the new trend among the youth of today. This White Coat Investor post takes a look at just that and if it’s a bad thing for young people to seek less stressful jobs.

Why is it so hard to quantify risk? This White Coat Investor post takes a look at just that question and how we can better approach risk.

That’s all for November. I feel like there were quite a few less articles or posts that I liked this month compared to previous ones. Maybe it is just been the cold weather making me less inclined to select posts.

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