June 2024 Article Roundup

All month I’m constantly reading. Be it various FIRE and personal finance blogs that I subscribe to, random things that pop into my feed, or suggestions from these aforementioned blogs. I keep a list of all of the stuff that I encounter throughout the month then filter those down to the best or most interesting which get included here.

The focus of these roundups is mostly on FIRE but other personal finance or other content I think could be interesting to the readers of this blog. If I got it from another blog’s roundup I try to give credit when I can.

With all those caveats out of the way, let’s get into it.

A Wealth of Common Sense takes a look at how some of these headlines are more indicative of a bull market environment than anything else.

Some words of wisdom from an early retiree via Can I Retire Yet.

I liked this post from Can I Retire Yet looking at some lessons learned from the journey to Financial Independence.

While the economy may be doing well, it doesn’t always feel that way and there are some hard pills to swallow. Money with Katie talks about some of the issues both it and the consumer are feeling.

Money with Katie takes a look at some of the ways we can frame our relationship with money, and more importantly, how that affects how we currently think about it.

Of Dollars and Data takes a look at why stocks have the highest potential for return.

The Wealthy Accountant takes a look at why your primary residence should not be viewed as an asset. Even if I didn’t agree with everything I did like most of this post.

The White Coat Investor reiterates that cars can be very expensive and can introduce a lot of drag into your finances. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

A reminder from the White Coat Investor that short-term debt should not be how you finance your long-term investments.

That’s it for this month. Kind of a shorter post. I guess I wasn’t interested in all that many posts. I’m going to blame the warmer weather.

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