April 2024 Article Roundup

All month I’m constantly reading. Be it various FIRE and personal finance blogs that I subscribe to, random things that pop into my feed, or suggestions from these aforementioned blogs. I keep a list of all of the stuff that I encounter throughout the month then filter those down to the best or most interesting which get included here.

The focus of these roundups is mostly on FIRE but other personal finance or other content I think could be interesting to the readers of this blog. If I got it from another blog’s roundup I try to give credit when I can.

With all those caveats out of the way, let’s get into it.

I liked this Best Interest post talking about different ways to conceptualize your Social Security benefits.

I thought parts of this episode of Earn and Invest was really good.like While I wouldn’t use all of it, I think there is good to be taken from it.

I liked this Stacking Benjamins episode about building a stable financial future.

This A Wealth of Common Sense post looks at an always fresh idea in personal finance, that losses hurt harder than wins.

I’ve repeatedly said that A sufficiently talented statistician could make smoking look healthy. This A Wealth of Common Sense post takes a look at that.

A Wealth of Common Sense takes a look at how one of the things you can do with wealth is buy convenience and how some people cut the nose to spite their face when trying to save a dollar that probably isn’t worth it.

Can I Retire Yet takes a look at a perennial question, should I pay off my mortgage.

Debt is often maligned to be completely avoided, often for good reason, but Can I Retire Yet takes a look at the doors having some kind of credit score can open for you as long as it is managed properly.

Can I Retire Yet goes through some of the ways that “success” in retirement can be defined and how your goals can play into that.

Money with Katie takes a look at some of the different ways that money, anxiety, and how they mix.

How certain are you that your “safe withdrawal rate” is going to be safe? Do you have an annuity or pension that will help your retirement plans? Money with Katie takes a look at how people don’t like how ambiguous things can be.

Is there a limit to how much wealth an individual should have? Money with Katie takes a look at that question from a few different angles.

Building off of that, Money with Katie also takes a look at a related question. Are the wealthy truly the best at allocating resources for the public good? 

I’ve always found the “lying down” phenomenon in China to be fascinating. It seems like some in the corporate world have taken a similar path. Millennial Revolution takes a look.

How can the presentation of the story change your views on it? Of Dollars and Data takes a look.

Of Dollars and Data takes a look at a few different vehicles you can use to save and when to use which.

Of Dollars and Data reminds us of the simple fact that we need to focus on the long-term when it comes to investing in this post.

Of Dollars and Data takes a look at some of the information behind why people make a number of “bad” financial decisions.

Are you nearing retirement? This Physician on FIRE post on healthcare options for early retirees might be useful.

Retire by 40 takes a look at some of the challenges the youth of today (such as yours truly) have towards FIRE and whether some of the common claims are overblown or not.

Retire by 40 shares some of their experience with side hustles and whether they are actually worth the effort and costs involved.

Retirement Researcher has an interesting post on the Efficient Market Hypothesis and what it means for an individual.

Retirement Researcher had an good post about what the purpose of bonds are in your portfolio.

The Wealthy Accountant had a good post on some strategies someone could use if they’re on the opposite extreme of many FIRE folks and are spending too much.

The White Coat Investor had a good post on the Safe Withdrawal Rate and some of the problems with many of them. As I’ve said in the past, I think it makes a good starting point for planning purposes.

The White Coat Investor also had a good post on how just asset allocation alone can’t protect you from the Sequence of Returns Risk.

I’ve got nothing much to add to this month’s article roundup that hasn’t been said above.

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