My Experience with Meal Delivery

Well, I finally gave meal kits, or meal delivery, whatever you want to call it. I figured I would share my thoughts on that.

Why even do it?

I mean, going to the grocery store is fairly easy. So why even give them a try? In short, work gave me a gift card to one service and a coupon for another came with a book I ordered for the podcast. Never willing to let a decent coupon go to waste, I figured I’d give it a try. Without those coupons I probably never would have given them a try.

What services did I try?

I got two gift cards. One for Green Chef that I used and one for Fixture that I did not.

Green Chef provides all the things you’ll need to cook the meal. In a sense it is a glorified grocery delivery service with a set of recipes attached.

Fixture you prepackaged meals that you just pop in the microwave. I don’t own a microwave, so I couldn’t really use them. I guess, I could bring the meals for lunch at work, but it just seemed like too much hassle. I could probably have popped them in the oven too. But all of it just seemed like too much of a pain in the butt compared to just making the meal myself. Which is why I did not use them.

Total cost

For the three meals I got from Green Chef (a pasta dish, a noodle dish, and tacos) I paid about $31 (Full price was something like $81). These were advertised as being “2 servings.” Out of these three dishes I got about 10-12 meals, I guess I eat much less than the people they use for these meals. As a result my cost comes in at about $2.58-$3.10/meal, excluding all other things I eat with those meals. Overall that’s not bad, my usual meals come in around that range too, unless I eat extremely frugally. But that was at a discounted price. The actual price would have been much higher was I using this service without the discount.

I think my bean recipe comes in at something like $1.50/meal, back when I tracked it. So my super frugal meals, that I enjoy also come in much cheaper.

How was the food?

Overall, the food was okay. A little greasy, if you follow their instructions, for my tastes. Of the three recipes I’m saving two. I’d only say one of them was very good, on par if not better than what I make for myself. If nothing else I got some new recipes out of it.

Would I use it again?

While I still have that one card floating around, maybe I’ll use it and bring them in for lunch. But probably not. They weren’t really for me. I didn’t find the meals to be all that amazing compared to my usual diet of rice or beans. I don’t find it that hard to get to the grocery store, but if you are the type I guess it might work for you.

Overall, I don’t think I’ll be using them again. The food wasn’t that amazing especially for the price. But that’s just me. Maybe if I get another coupon.


Back when I lived at home, we had a subscription to a recipe website. I won’t go into all the details here but it cost about $80 a year. It just let me search a massive database. If I wanted to make something, say harissa burgers, I could just search for it. I’ve actually been considering getting my own subscription to that service.

I’m also a huge fan of library cookbooks. One thing I did back when I lived in New Mexico was get a cookbook, say Malaysian cooking, and thumb through it to try different recipes out of it. I’d keep the ones I liked and if I didn’t like it I only had to eat it for a couple of days.

Wrapping up

So there you have it. My experience and thoughts on those meal delivery services. Cooking and getting to the grocery store aren’t really a problem for me. But I could see it working for other people. Although there is a higher price that comes with that.

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