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November 2023 Article Roundup

Ultimate Retirement Guide Part 3 – Length of Retirement and Sequence of Risk Returns

It’s About the Long-Term Average

October 2023 Expense Report

Article Roundup October 2023

The Ultimate Retirement Guide Part 2 – Other Withdrawal Plans

Do You Need a Financial Advisor?

September 2023 Expense Report

Article Roundup September 2023

The Ultimate Retirement Guide – Part 1: The 4% Rule

Is FIRE Harder to Achieve Today?

Are Side Hustles Necessary to Achieve FIRE?

August 2023 Expense Report

August 2023 Article Roundup

Can You Be Too Frugal

Do It Yourself 2 – Cutting Hair

July 2023 Expense Report

July 2023 Article Roundup

How I Came Around on Credit Cards

Is Lifestyle Inflation Actually Bad?

Suboptimal Financial Moves That I’m Making

Expense Reports June 2023 – Up and To the Right

Article Roundup June 2023

How I Stretch My Dollars Further

You Can Only Cut so Much From Your Budget

May 2023 Expense Report – Phones and Food

Article Roundup May 2023

Mortgages are a Scam – Buying vs Mortgage

FIRE as a Range of Options

April 2023 Expense Reports – New Categories

April 2023 Article Roundup

Why I’m Working after Reaching FI

Mistakes I’ve Made as an Investor

How I Use Metrics for Goals

Expense Report March 2023

March 2023 Article Roundup

Why I’m not Worried about a Drop in Readership

Do It Yourself 1 – Cooking

February 2023 Expense Report

February 2023 Article Roundup

How FIRE Fits Into my Overall Lifestyle Design

Goal Update – Working Out

January 2023 Expense Report

My Move – Other Considerations

Cost Comparison of My Move – Housing