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Visualizing Net Worth as Income

New Mexico Episode 10: Cibola or Bust Transcript

Expense Report April 2024

April 2024 Article Roundup

Ultimate Retirement Guide Part 9: When to Retire Sumarized

New Mexico Bonus Episode 1: The Requerimiento

Podcast Episode 9: A Cross to Bear Transcript

Does Your 401k Contribution Actually Benefit You?

March 2024 Expense Report

History of New Mexico 8: Go West Lost Man

March 2024 Article Roundup

New Mexico Episode 7 – Cow’s Head Transcrip

Visualizing Retirement

New Mexican Early Explorers’ Maps

Ultimate Retirement Guide Part 7 – Other Expenses

Some Thoughts on the Stages in Retirement

Podcast NM 6: Prehistory Summary and Q&A Transcript

February 2024 Expense Report

Podcast New Mexico Episode 5 – Cliff Palaces Transcript

February 2024 Article Roundup

Fear of Unknown

Ultimate Retirement Guide 6 – Investment Strategies

Podcast New Mexico Episode 4: the Chaco Phenomenon – Transcript

Podcast New Mexico Episode 3: The Mogollon – Transcript

Expense Report January 2024

Article Roundup January 2024

Podcast – New Mexico Precontact Pictures

Podcast Transcript NM Episode 2: The Archaic period

Some of the Advantages of Renting

Podcast Transcript Episode 1: Paleo Indian Period

Podcast Transcript Episode 0 – Introduction

Ultimate Retirement Guide 5 – Asset Allocation

December 2023 Expense Report

December 2023 Article Roundup

Just how much Better is it to Start Saving Early?

Is it Actually Worth it to Drive?

Ultimate Retirement Guide Part 4 – Inflation

November 2023 Expense Report

November 2023 Article Roundup

Ultimate Retirement Guide Part 3 – Length of Retirement and Sequence of Risk Returns

It’s About the Long-Term Average

October 2023 Expense Report

Article Roundup October 2023

The Ultimate Retirement Guide Part 2 – Other Withdrawal Plans

Do You Need a Financial Advisor?

September 2023 Expense Report

Article Roundup September 2023

The Ultimate Retirement Guide – Part 1: The 4% Rule

Is FIRE Harder to Achieve Today?

Are Side Hustles Necessary to Achieve FIRE?

August 2023 Expense Report

August 2023 Article Roundup

Can You Be Too Frugal

Do It Yourself 2 – Cutting Hair

July 2023 Expense Report

July 2023 Article Roundup

How I Came Around on Credit Cards

Is Lifestyle Inflation Actually Bad?

Suboptimal Financial Moves That I’m Making

Expense Reports June 2023 – Up and To the Right

Article Roundup June 2023

How I Stretch My Dollars Further

You Can Only Cut so Much From Your Budget

May 2023 Expense Report – Phones and Food

Article Roundup May 2023

Mortgages are a Scam – Buying vs Mortgage

FIRE as a Range of Options

April 2023 Expense Reports – New Categories

April 2023 Article Roundup

Why I’m Working after Reaching FI

Mistakes I’ve Made as an Investor

How I Use Metrics for Goals

Expense Report March 2023

March 2023 Article Roundup

Why I’m not Worried about a Drop in Readership

Do It Yourself 1 – Cooking

February 2023 Expense Report

February 2023 Article Roundup

How FIRE Fits Into my Overall Lifestyle Design

Goal Update – Working Out

January 2023 Expense Report

My Move – Other Considerations

Cost Comparison of My Move – Housing