May 2024 Article Roundup

All month I’m constantly reading. Be it various FIRE and personal finance blogs that I subscribe to, random things that pop into my feed, or suggestions from these aforementioned blogs. I keep a list of all of the stuff that I encounter throughout the month then filter those down to the best or most interesting which get included here.

The focus of these roundups is mostly on FIRE but other personal finance or other content I think could be interesting to the readers of this blog. If I got it from another blog’s roundup I try to give credit when I can.

With all those caveats out of the way, let’s get into it.

I thought this All the Hacks comparison between points vs cash back on credit cards was an interesting listen.

While I disagree with the overall premise, I thought this post from Financial Samurai on some of the reasons to avoid investing in international stocks was interesting.

There was some buzz this week about a Bloomberg Article on people doing all sorts of crazy things to avoid paying taxes. This of Dollars and Data post takes a good look at the whole thing.

Of Dollars and Data takes a look at the housing market in the US and some of the problems that it is creating like the “forever renter.”

There are all sorts of ways to look at financial data. I thought this Of Dollars and Data post looking at it during an election year was interesting.

I liked this Happily Disengaged post talking about discipline and how it has changed for them. Found via Accidental FIRE’s own roundup.

liked this Can I Retire Yet post taking a look at some of the takeaways from a tax return. I thought it was kind of interesting.

I liked this Money with Katie post on how being “good with money” isn’t great if it makes you miserable.

I liked this Physician on FIRE post about why we should talk about money more often. I’m definitely one of those people who thinks we should have more conversations about money.

I liked this Physician on FIRE post looking at some of the pitfalls that come with retirement.

That’s it for this month. Kind of a shorter roundup than normal. I don’t know if that means my standards have gotten higher or it was just a light month.

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