The table below shows my goals for the year. Last updated in November 2023. To be updated again in November 2024.

Net worth = $200,000 by the end of November 2024.Change ~$50,000 should be easily doable based on this year.
Net worth = $250,000 (CoastFIRE)Change ~$100,000 fairly ambitious. Most likely 2 years out
Reach Lean FIRE (NW = $750,000)Multiple years (approximately 6).
Full FIRE (NW = $1,500,000)Multiple years (Approximately 11).
Start Housing fund?To be used at or a few years after FIRE. Would extend the timeline for above two goals ~$700 a month less dedicated to retirement.
Establish GlidepathGlidepath for movement of more assets to bonds as retirement approaches.
Establish a moving fundPut some cash aside to cover moving costs in 2025, ~$5,000. To be reimbursed by signing bonus in a new position.