February 2023 Article Roundup

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It’s time for my monthly post roundup. Since, in my infinite wisdom, I started in the middle of January and hadn’t put aside any posts for that month, this roundup will include some posts from the tail end of January as well as most of February. Next month will essentially only be for March and the last 2-3 days of February.

What do I look for in my monthly roundup? Mostly it’s just posts I found interesting with a focus on FIRE, investing, the FIRE community, and lifestyle design. Mostly it’s just items from around the web I thought others who want to read about any of the items above would find interesting.

I do try to limit it to no more than 5 posts per source.

With that out of the way, let’s get into it.

The White Coat Investor has an interesting post for us on how savings accounts offer basically nothing in returns and what kind do.

Early Retirement Now is coming with his disagreements with the bucket strategy and why he doesn’t care for it. I highly suggest the entire Safe Withdrawal Rate Series that this is a part of.

A lot of my thoughts about FIRE and lifestyle design such as those I made in last week’s post and am planning for a future post are summed up with this post from Financially Alert.

I liked some of the items in this post from Michael at Financially Alert on what might prevent people from pursuing or sticking with a plan to achieve FIRE.

This one came to my attention through Accidental FIRE’s own roundup. I thought it was a fairly interesting look at saving too much in your 401k as opposed to other avenues from Filled with Money

I liked this post from Accidental FIRE a lot about how getting outside is good for us. Personally, I try to spend a lot of time outside and into some nature whenever possible.

While this post from NPR is old news to anyone in the FIRE community, I thought it was interesting that more people are becoming interested in the same ideas that the FIRE community adheres to.

Retire By 40 had an interesting post about how traveling can be more difficult as you age. Good thing I’m planning to do the majority of my traveling in my 30s and scale back as I age.

A post with some tips on how to have a more successful retirement from Physician on FIRE. Just as a note, the post was written by the folks at Humble Dollar.

Physician on FIRE looks at 7 common financial myths for doctors and why they’re wrong. Some of these myths apply elsewhere too, I’ve heard a few of them before.

Another post I liked from Physician on FIRE written by Late Starter FIRE. I agree with a lot of it about having some guilt free splurge money. I think that it is important to avoid the “death march” on the way to FIRE. Life is all about balance.

Physician on FIRE with an interesting different way of looking at retirement as micro breaks rather than a one and done type thing.

An interesting post from A Wealth of Common Sense on when the best time to be a saver was by looking at the hard data.

Another post from A Wealth of Common Sense regarding how the stock market is not a casino.

A Wealth of Common Sense looks at returns over various time periods and when you started and not just the long term trends.

An interesting post from A Wealth of Common Sense looking at some of the results from a recent Bloomberg survey on how much people think they need to save to retire. I’d seen the headline about this study elsewhere but I liked this post.

A Wealth of Common Sense returns with a look at how the average holding periods for stocks have changed over the years. I found some of the conclusions interesting.

Heavy metal and money, two of my favorite topics. Heavy Metal Money an interesting post comparing the cost of several goods from 1990 to 2022.

An interesting post on how wealthy individuals put their money to work from Of Dollars and Data.

Nick at Of Dollars and Data has an interesting post on what a “good” yearly income is and some of the difficulties in making that determination.

An interesting post from HisHerMoneyGuide with some thoughts on the different kinds of index funds out there to choose from.

An post on HisHerMoneyGuide about how to reframe your thinking about small expenses and investing. I liked some of the ideas that they presented if I wasn’t already implementing some of them in my own approach.

A great post from HisHerMoneyGuide on how you have to make choices, one way or another.

Mr Tako Escapes has an post talking about some of the change in interest in the FIRE movement recently and why that might be. I can’t really comment as I started during that time.

I liked this post from retire early on how you should retire to something rather than from something that Humble Dollar had.

Humble Dollar has returned with an interesting post on how the path to retirement can be different for different people.

It has been kind of trendy to write about how blog growth is declining for FIRE blogs, I myself have a post in that vein planned for the near future. But this post from Rich Frugal Life echoes a lot of my thoughts (or would I be echoing the thoughts in this post?) on my blog.

That’s it for this month’s roundup. Next week will be my monthly financial review.

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