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New Mexico Episode 5 – Cliff Palaces

NM 4: The Chaco Phenomenon 0

NM 4: The Chaco Phenomenon

The Chaco Phenomenon describes roughly the 300 to 400 year period for the rise and fall of the great Chaco canyon from 800 BCE...

NM 3: The Mogollon 0

NM 3: The Mogollon

Episode 3 of the New Mexico History series on the Mogollon of southern New Mexico. With a particular focus on the Mimbres culture. The...

NM 2: The Archaic Period 0

NM 2: The Archaic Period

This second episode in the New Mexico History series. It covers the Archaic period and early agricultural periods (Basketmaker and early Pueblos). Roughly 5500BC...

Episode 0: Introduction 0

Episode 0: Introduction

Introduction to the show. Including format. Find more information from the show including pictures, transcripts, and the bibliography at: https://engineeringfire.org/podcast/ Outro Music: https://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/music.html Intro...

NM 1: The Paleo Indian Period 0

NM 1: The Paleo Indian Period

The first episode in the History of New Mexico Series. Covering the Paleo Indian Period from about 11,000BCE to 5500 BCE. Mentions: Clovis and...