Article Roundup January 2024

All month I’m constantly reading. Be it various FIRE and personal finance blogs that I subscribe to, random things that pop into my feed, or suggestions from these aforementioned blogs. I keep a list of all of the stuff that I encounter throughout the month then filter those down to the best or most interesting which get included here.

The focus of these roundups is mostly on FIRE but other personal finance or other content I think could be interesting to the readers of this blog. If I got it from another blog’s roundup I try to give credit when I can.

With all those caveats out of the way, let’s get into it.

I liked this episode of Two Sides of FI talking about when someone is “actually” retired.

While I think some of this is off. I do think there is some merit that there are only certain times in your when you’ll be able to do certain things and it’s something you should consider when planning like this White Coat Investor post discusses.

I do agree that there is some merit to considering springing for something more expensive to make it safer. Safety or other things like this Of Dollars and Data post talks about should be considered.

Taxes in retirement are complicated. This Stop Ironing Shirts post looks at some of that and how to approach them.

Can I Retire Yet continues to talk about some of the ways to get out of a bad annuity.

I liked this A Wealth of Common Sense episode on CoastFIRE and some of the issues with the strategy and things to consider.

I liked this post from Financial Samurai talking about plagiarism and blogging. I thought it was a good read about making sure you tell people where you got your information if you got it from any single source.

Of Dollars and Data takes a look at that perennial question of should you have a 100% stock portfolio.

A Wealth of Common Sense looks at the equal weight portfolio and considers if it has any advantages over other asset allocations. I thought it made for a good read.

The White Coat Investor takes a look at what you should do if you have a lump sum of cash, both now and in the future.

Of Dollars and Data asks if your job should guide how you invest. While I disagree since it sounds close to stock picking, it was still interesting.

Retire By 40 had a good post talking about when being frugal stops. I don’t really feel like I’m being frugal, and I think intentionally setting it up that way is the trick, but I thought it made a good read.

While I think that $10M is more than enough to retire on. This Of Dollars and Data post was more interesting than the usual fair you’ll see with the “you need x amount to retire” posts.

With that, it’s a wrap for January.

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